And events of... dramas, tragedies and horrors occur that are maintained, or that occasionally appear as samples of beliefs, as samples of dogmatism, as samples of affiliation to... to the divine!

The level of self-esteem, power and impersonation established by personal egomania is such that they put Creation as witness to any action; especially those that show destruction, those that show severity... to be the closest thing to a divine punishment.

Divine punishment?

This level of human vanity, which can lead to severe destruction and damage, not only remains in those exceptional cases, but also becomes “contagious” in everyday life.

Yes! It is true that there is an abyss between terror and fear, but... from the most insignificant to the most significant, they are capable of intimidating, of threatening, in the purest "divine style".

And we must ask ourselves –and asks, the Sense and the Prayerful Call–: “Where does this criterion of... “divine punishment” come from?”.

It is not only attributable to earthquakes... volcanoes... destructive storms... -that are called "natural phenomena"- that in other times could be interpreted, by existing humanity, as punishments.

Today that no longer holds true. But the idea that this has not remained in the subconscious, and that man accepts it as justification of being able to exercise in that destructive, devastating sense, at very, very, very different levels, does not hold up either.

And so, less than a month ago the 11M attacks were commemorated, in which trains transporting male and female workers were blown up... And there, 192 were transmuted, according to statistics. And the jurists also say that they did it in the name of... the divine, and to celebrate it, they sacrificed themselves.

And it happens, in these dramatic situations, that... they become enveloped and wrapped up in rumours, the events, which finally remain in memories and in stories, without really knowing what happened.

It is like saying: “God does not have to account for what he does or why he does it”.

And just as the greatest attack committed in the history of mankind, by a State, such as “Hiroshima and Nagasaki”, remains unpunished due to the needs of war, all the other attacks –of a lesser intensity, but all the others- have been diluted, justified, and remaining as... some monument to remember.

The Prayer Call makes us place ourselves in what overwhelms us as an exercise of power, devastating, so that we try to assume, without revenge, that procedure that goes beyond the usual violence that each being establishes with its environment, in the name of defending itself or attacking or any other trick of vanity.

It is like saying -without being equivalent, of course, but as a reflection of what each being exercises in their daily power and in their punishments and disdain-: vain selfishness that seems to be normal. If we raise these “normal” ones to a higher level, multiply them, they culminate in... lives in the air.

Producing pain... of a very diverse nature, is a mechanism that has been “institutionalized” to show the position, the importance... And usually has a similar response, which can be indolent, ignore, push aside...; equally violent attitudes, but with “civilized” appearances.

It seems that humanity has forgotten that we are the product of a Love taken from Creation, we are the result of an incredible coincidence that makes living things possible!; and that this living thing is sustained based on solidarity, concord, harmony, collaboration, respect, affectionlove.

And every time we exercise lovelessness, we rush into the abysses of violence. Yes: violence towards oneself, violence towards the environment... in very infinite ways.

It is a dramatic conversion of a single expression in which “the raw material” – so to speak-, love, when it surprises a human being and impresses him, fascinates him, well, he decides to take hold of it, lest it be lost, lest they take it away from him.

And to do this he uses violence, according to his criteria.

And so, still in some countries, women adopt the name “lady of” as a possession.

It's an example.

But what helps us to realize that, to the extent that we cannot manage to have, possess... the idea, the project, the being, the entity, the loved circumstance, the answer is power, violence. Of a very diverse nature, I insist.

But it is not the fight between good and evil, no.

It is the contamination of the goodness of the being: that it becomes inquisitorial and claims, according to its rights, its criteria and its opinions, what is “its own”.

It is devastating “ownership"; the one that accumulates, that has, and has to save, protect, take care of...

To be “secure". 

And curiously, that attitude of power, which becomes violent, is also dedicated to securing the possessive, as an act of clemency. Incredible!

The Prayer Call demands that the loss of attention, alertness and alarm…

Which in reality is not “alarm”, but rather [1]“to-the-soul”. A simple change of letter.

A simple change that makes us take the [2]weapon of envy, jealousy, discredit, insult, etc., to the other, to the soul –instead of “to-the-weapon”, “to-the-soul”-; in which the soul tries to transcend, listen, respect, attend, care.

And the solution is not to condemn, punish, lock up... No. The solution is “souled”: “to soul... the soul”.

Because that “souling the soul” places us on the plane of the unarticulated, the non-legal, the unofficial. It places us on the creational plane.

It makes possible for us to experience Mercy, Protection, Compassion... and the Superior Goodness that gravitates over the living, thanks to which it exists.

Discover ourselves... based on the Prayerful Call, which calls us to see ourselves in our vanities, self-importance, demands, exigencies..., which are the breeding grounds of power, of punishment, of discredit, of... prejudices! Those that lead to condemnation and punishment: they prejudice, judge, condemn and punish... the neighbour, the religious person, the politician, the athlete or anyone else.

And that has come to be considered... normal.

It is even said that prejudices, trials, convictions and the resulting punishment are defence mechanisms; because they all come together: prejudices, judgments, condemnations, punishments... in thought, word, deed or omission.

All that breeding ground, when it becomes “normal”, is a breeding ground that increases, that boils!... and reaches moments of explosion; that comes to that drama that is war: the best institution to destroy, win... and skip over all the preventions of care, of the development of art, of beauty. It is even called and said to be a “purifying” mechanism; that is necessary.

The Prayer Call calls us not to be germs that promote, that are breeding grounds –that we are breeding grounds- of that position of supplanting the divine, in which power is the highest expression; violence, the best execution; and prejudice, judgment, condemnation and punishment, the best decision.

As praying beings that come to the Prayer Call, we must apply ourselves to those perspectives, in those dimensions.

Stop condemning and judging, but to show evidence to be able to speak and listen.

And in it and with it establish concord, relationship, collaboration, harmony, affection, kindness.

We have all the words necessary to develop our instinct for holiness. All!

They prayerfully demand that we exercise them.

Every moment is transcendent. And this experience of “normalities” must be reviewed, updated... and bear witness to our divine essence as servants, as admirers, as cultivators of beauty and harmony.

“It is a position that cannot be postponed.”



[1] Wordplay between “alarma” which means alarm and “al alma” which means to the soul.

[2] Wordplay between “arma” which means weapon and “alma” which means soul.




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