We are called to pray, as an impulse to discover ourselves... especially in our relationships with all living things.

We are called to pray so that we are not impediments, we are not opponents...; we are not partisans who inevitably converge in harm.

Prayer thus becomes a way, a power of evolution, of healing; since, to the extent that the being recovers the goodness that promoted him to be on this plane of consciousness, to that extent, his coexistence, his relationships, will be governed by respect, admiration, care, dedication.

Consequently, the Prayer Call does not remain, as something from another plane of... a moment of retreat and consideration, but rather it comes to tell us intentionally, with the corresponding inspiration, the attention that we must pay and give to ourselves without expecting returns, in order to be in tune with calm, in the reference of the extraordinary, of the exceptional!... which is what each being represents.

The event of landing at this moment of Creation... is already a sign of extraordinary, exceptional and singular occurrence.

Consequently, the being must begin by respecting itself.

Yes. We usually talk about respect for others, but self-respect is lacking when one envies, when one is jealous, when one persecutes, when one punishes, when one enacts conflictive coexistence, when one is not an efficient servant, when one stops being a helping goodness, when one does not lend oneself to giving oneself and when one tries to obtain revenue and benefit; or when one takes over something, when one takes ownership of affections, economies, religions, dogmas...

In all these events, and many more, the being habitually disrespects itself. Because one has not contemplated the exceptionality, the singularity and the extraordinariness of one’s presence: that is an equivalent, an emissary, a representative, an envoy to fulfil tasks for which one comes with the appropriate design.

And they are going to promote it, evolve and... become more and more extraordinary, more exceptional, more unique. And not as usually happens, that the being becomes more vulgar, more common, more similar.

All love must be respected, admired, contemplated.

And, consequently, if we are facilitators of love -which is why we came here-, we will be in a position to respect ourselves and respect others...; to facilitate conjunction, concord.

Let those words not remain in a speculative void! But whenever anger, envy, prejudiced attitude appear -because the world is not made for me, but I have to make myself for the world-... it is necessary to retreat into the intimacy of self-respect. Because to that extent we are going to correspond.

Rejoice in other people's loves, in other people's plans. It turns out that we are not strangers! The criterion of “others” is established as selfishness and personal egotism. We are entities –because we belong to the Life Species- supportive, social, convivial, porous. Otherwise, if it were not so, life would not be given as an admirable expression of transits, of surprises, of innovations, of complacencies!

And we usually act with the criterion of “problem”, with the criterion of “aversion”, with the criterion of “dogmatism”; with those premises of prejudices!

We stop being the wind that sails, that searches, that touches, that follows... We cease being the rain that nourishes... We cease being the light that illuminates!, and that promotes our senses. We betray our feelings!... with our visual, auditory, taste, perfume, tenderness judgments...

Selfish care is established, and so-called “other people” care is forgotten.

The being does not recognize the other also as an envoy, a representative, an equivalent, a... a necessary for oneself!

We are in need of each other, to be able to discover, learn, continue, remain... Otherwise we fall into war, a war that is hungry for love, in that which is hungry for bread, in that which is hungry for prejudices, in that which is hungry for condemnations.

By respecting ourselves and recognizing we are needy... Even if on the surface -apparently- we don't like it, it doesn't seem good to us, and we keep saying: "the weather is bad, the weather is good, I like this, I don't like this" …

And the being entrenches itself in its position; in short, asking... asking for slavery to the environment, asking for applause for its positions. And the being seeks to become strong and feel essential!, and dismiss others as... useless.

Yes. Prayer, the Prayerful Call, helps us with words that transform, with words that heal!, and that place us in the position... that does not take for granted that this one, that one or the other is this way or that, but it waits... -to the extent that it occurs- waits to discover why... why I find myself in this situation, with this other one, with this person, with this circumstance, with this...

Have I created perhaps myself...?

Have I not yet realized that the unfolding of life, and its presence, is not due to my participation or my actions? Have I not realized, yet, that people, situations, events, happenings that I have to experience, have I not yet realized that they are there for my development, for my learning, for my care?

Do I think perhaps it’s punishment, bad luck...? Yes...?

Not wanting to realize. Not wanting to keep track of the events that occur for our evolution, our clarity. So that we truly are permanent kindness of love, and not circumstantial or occasional, depending on learned tastes, imposed cultures, dogmatic customs.

We are not slave consciousness!... of languages, customs, myths... No! We are vaporous, creative, generous, shared consciousness.

Please! We are breath –like wind- that breathes! And if one doesn't breathe, we get suffocated, and become anguished.

With anxiety!, it transits; with fear!, with sadness, with the lack of “[1]entusiasmós that the consciousness of living entails. To live.

Yes. It is a relief -a 're-lief'- to know us as of that nature... and to have that reference of the universe and universal, of our being. Because this way we do not get lost, we will not get lost in dogmatisms, in manipulations and in controls of some ones over others. And we will stop being judges who condemn, who punish with thoughts, with words, with deeds, with omissions -as they say- when we de-transit along the liberating paths: on those paths that do not begin the day with “the problem”, “the problems”, but rather the days begin with enthusiasm, with the exception, with the extraordinary, with the novel, with the affectionate, with the loving, with the enamoured, with the fantastic.

I see, I smell, I taste... I touch life!...

We cannot help but be amazed at our nature and, consequently, at the nature of others.

Let's stop classifying life, that "it is like this", that customs "are like that", that laws "are like that"...

The Species Life does not have -does not have, does not have-... rules, laws... No. The Species Life is freed from clogs, from the selfish proposals of each one.

The Species Life –to which we belong- has not been put there in the Universe to be a problem and to be a conflict of looks, gestures, attitudes, words, guns, bombs or any other barbarity.

And so, if we take prayer as the reference remedy that enhances our nature, we will enter into a healing evolution.

We will abandon punishing, prejudiced attitudes: stop being the hurtful hammer that, due to any situation not suitable for personal egoism, jumps and... protests, complains, shouts!

A little, a little!, start with a little charity towards yourself! That becomes quality, in our service.

Give yourself, prayerful one, give yourself a second of charity.

For the fact of... loving. One second.

Knowing that there are infinite seconds...

Well, in one of them, out of your charity, appreciate others, respect the other one, take care of the project of those other people...

Be brave, and don't hide. Be evident, without proclaiming it.

It is how the Creative Mystery establishes us... -and we must realize this- establishes us in its own nature: Mystery. And we try to rationalize and speculate and to know what divine plans are.

And thus, we do not assume the mystery of our own configuration, but rather we seek to define ourselves, thereby becoming immediate racists.

Everyone remembers –for certain- the figure of the beggar... who asks for, who invokes: “A coin, for the love of God”.

In that sense, we are all beggars! And we ask each other, for the love that the Eternal, the Creative Mystery gives us, that we may be able to share, to understand each other, to reconcile.

"Alms?". Anyone could say: “Are we going to become beggars?”.

Has emotional and affective radicalism reached that point?: that we have to beg for alms to be able to exercise ourselves as entities of love?

That way we have been created. And that the way we can transit. But it has deteriorated so much!... that, yes, we must be beggars.

And alms. Alms of concord, alms of coexistence, alms of smiles, alms of sharing, alms of living together, alms of coming together, alms of amazement.

Yes, that amazement that makes us see, every day, circumstances, facts and events that we did not know.

For charity! Alms, for God's sake!

Self-respect, for continuous respect of the environment.

A maintenance... a maintenance of love, without the interest of having it, of taking it, of possessing it, of managing it, of controlling it.

Letting vanity become sediment, and the water be clear.

Let each day be the time to get rid of the residue that cling, of the attitudes that hold us down.

Let each day be the new universe that is offered.

Interesting detail, right? That it seems normal to us that we have not been blown up by a meteorite or any other “barbarism” – “barbarism” in quotes-.

Mysterious, yes, mysterious... Creative Presence... that contemplates us in our madness. And it seems like it doesn't matter. It seems that we even have free will. It would seem.

Without a doubt, it is the strategy of the Eternal so that we inevitably meet Him... face to face!

Let's allow ourselves to be surprised, without shooting before listening. Let us be surprised by the progress, and stop applying vulgar criteria; of those who consider themselves settled, of those who say: “This is like this and like this and like this”.

Let the evidence of the Mystery that leads us, show us the quality of living, the charity to give, the alms to receive and to give.

Do not abandon the exceptionality of the instant, the extraordinary nature of the event, the unusual, the singular.

Yes, the life of a wandering beggar that, “for the love of”… makes us open in our consciences towards liberating bonds: those who serve, who support each other, who feel the unity of Mystery.

And when we feel unity of Mystery, we express ourselves in the [2]Amen, Amen, Amen....

Unity of Mystery: Amen, Amen, Amen.



[1] In Greek: “rapture or ecstasy inspired by divinity.”

[2] The declaration “Amen” is used in a double sense also meaning here “to love”.



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